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Caroline County Sheriff's Department

Delmarva Red Cross

Federal Emergency Services Agency

Federal Emergency Services Agency for Kids

Homeland Security

Maryland Emergency Services Agency

Maryland Fire Rescue Institute

National Weather Service Mt. Holly

Key Staff Contacts:

Caroline County Department of Emergency Services Headquarters
7 N. First Street
Denton, MD 21629

Bryan C. Ebling, Director

Kelli B. Schanken,
Management Associate

Cindy L. Towers,
Assistant Director for Emergency Planning & Risk Management

Stephen T. Hurlock
Division Chief - Communications

P. Ryan Todd
Division Chief - Emergency Medical Services

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Welcome! Contact us by email if interested. If you would like a list of volunteer opportunities, please email us and we will send you a copy.

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Caroline County Department of Emergency Services

7 North First Street
Denton Maryland 21629
Phone: (410) 479-2622
Fax: (410) 479-4200

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